Packet 3 Resources

Teacher Edition and Slide Decks
Teacher Edition [PDF]
– R3-1 Matching Activity: Nuts [PDF]
– R3-2 Match and Compare Sort Cards [PDF]
Slide Decks
– S3.0 Length and Area Patterns [Google Slides] [PPT]
– S3.1a Proportional Relationships [Google Slides] [PPT]
– S3.1b Twinkie the Dog [Google Slides] [PPT]
– S3.2 Cap’n Sherman’s Shrimp Shop [Google Slides] [PPT]
– S3.3 Double Number Lines and Equations [Google Slides] [PPT]

Student Packet
Student Packet (for projection) [PDF]
Text File for Translation [PDF]

Assessments and Packet Resources
Quiz A [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Quiz B [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Essential Skills [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
Math Talks [PDF] [Google Slides] [PPT]
Nonroutine Problems [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
Tasks [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
Projects [PDF]
Technology Activities [PDF]
– The Constant of Proportionality Worksheet [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
– The Running Game Worksheet [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
– Turtle Time Trials Worksheet [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
Extra Problem [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Parent Letters English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]

General Resources

Program Information

Front Matter
Cover [PDF]
Author [PDF]
About the Center for Mathematics and Teaching [PDF]
Table of Contents [PDF]

About the Program
Program Overview [PDF]
Program at a Glance [PDF]
Packet Summaries [PDF]

Design Principles
Focus, Coherence, and Rigor [PDF]
Universal Design for Learning and MathLinks [PDF]

Lessons, Quizzes, and Tests [PDF]
Tasks and Projects [PDF]

Index and References
Resources and References [PDF]
Glossary Index [PDF]
Topic Index [PDF]

Getting Started with MathLinks and Getting Started Videos

Getting Started with MathLinks
Program Components [PDF]
Lesson Planning [PDF]
Materials and Copy List [PDF]

Getting Started Videos – Coming Soon
About MathLinks
Navigating the Student Packets
Navigating the Teachers Guide
Navigating the Teacher Portal
Activity Routines
Poster Problems
Using the MathLinks Rubrics
Skill Boosters

Student Engagement and Activity Routines

Student Engagement
Features to Engage Students [PDF]

Activity Routines
Introduction [PDF]
Big Square Puzzle [PDF] [Repro]
Computational Fluency [PDF] [Repro]
Poster Problems [PDF] [Repro] [Google Slides] [PPT]
Using the MathLinks Rubric [PDF] [Repro]
Four in a Row [PDF] [Repro]
Match and Compare Sorts [PDF] [Repro] [Google Slides] [PPT]
Math Talks [PDF] [Google Slides] [PPT]
Open Middle Problems [PDF] [Repro]
Why Doesn’t it Belong [PDF] [Repro]

Cumulative Tests

Assessment Options
Assessment Options [PDF]
Test Overview [PDF]
Creating Cumulative Test [PDF]

Assessment Options
Test 1-10 [PDF] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 1 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 2 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 3 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 4 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 5 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 6 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 7 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 8 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 9 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 10 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]
Test 1-10 [PDF] [DOC] Answer Key [PDF]

Complete Resource Guide

Student Resources

Parent Support

Parent Introductory Letter [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 1 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 2 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 3 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 4 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 5 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 6 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 7 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 8 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 9 [English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]
Parent Support Letter Packet 10 English [PDF] Spanish [PDF]