Dr. Shelley Kriegler (President)

Dr. Shelley Kriegler was Director of the UCLA Math Content Programs for Teachers from 1999-2010, where she led efforts to create and implement programs to increase the mathematics content knowledge for more than 10,000 teachers in California.  She taught mathematics in the Beverly Hills Unified School District for 19 years prior to coming to UCLA. She also served as a consultant to Creative Publications, an educational publishing company for five years. Shelley is President of the Stern Family Foundation, an organization that fulfills holiday gift wishes for children in poverty, supports various Jewish organizations, and contributes to community education, health, and arts programs.

Shelley brings the Board a broad view of the CMAT goals, day-to-day management skills, and writing expertise.  She was a lead author of Introduction to Algebra and is a lead author of all programs in the MathLinks series.

Shelley earned all her degrees at UCLA:  BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Mathematics (1971), M.Ed. in Curriculum (1993), and Ed.D. in Teaching Studies (1995).

Email: shelley@mathandteaching.org

Mark Goldstein (Vice-President)

After receiving a BS in Mathematics/Applied Economics and a Secondary Mathematics teaching credential from UCLA in 1989, Mark began a rewarding 12-year middle school teaching career in Santa Monica, CA, ending as a mentor teacher and BTSA Support Provider.

His next phase was at UCLA, first in the Graduate School of Education and Information Sciences, and primarily in the Mathematics Department. Of his many experiences over those 10 years, Mark taught in-service teachers in the UCLA Math Content Program for Teachers, the middle school courses for pre-service teachers in the Cal Teach program and conducted professional learning sessions all over the Greater Los Angeles area. It was at UCLA where he co-authored a middle school mathematics course, Introduction to Algebra, (2010).

During this time at UCLA, Mark received his MA in the Teaching of Mathematics from the Math Department at CA State University, Dominguez Hills, and was invited Mark to teach their elementary mathematics credentialing courses, which he did for four years in addition to his responsibilities at UCLA.

Mark is one of the co-founders of the Center for Mathematics and Teaching, a 501 (c)3 non-profit, where he continues to work on the management team. At CMAT, he is a lead author of, MathLinks: Core Grades 6 – 8 (1st Edition 2015, 2nd Edition 2023), and the middle school intervention modules, MathLinks: Essentials. Mark oversees contributing writers, conducts professional development (with lesson study and coaching instructional coaches being personal favorites), and is involved in business decisions within the company.

Email: mark@mathandteaching.org

Theresa Lee (Vice-President)

Before working for the Center for Mathematics and Teaching, Mrs. Lee worked for 11 years in the UCLA Mathematics Department as a Program Specialist. Her work included organizing the Math Content Program for Teachers, working on Mathematics Professional Development Institutes (including LUCIMATH), and providing administrative support for California Math Partnership grants.

Theresa taught elementary school for several years in the Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School district, and served as a teacher liaison with the Santa Monica City Child Care, Recreation, Enrichment, Sports, Together (CREST) program where she worked with small groups of elementary students struggling in mathematics.

Theresa assisted in the development of Introduction to Algebra program, and co-authored “Who Should Take Algebra in 8th Grade? Using Standardized Data to Guide Placement Policies” (2008). She has spoken at numerous conferences statewide.

Theresa earned her BS in Psychological Biology from UCLA, and a Masters in Elementary Education and elementary teaching credential from Mount Saint Mary’s College.

Email: theresa@mathandteaching.org

Cynthia Raff (Vice-President)

Mrs. Raff taught middle school mathematics for 13 years prior to becoming a teacher leader, followed by associate director with the UCLA California Mathematics Project in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies. During that time, she was charged with the implementation of the LUCIMATH project, training nearly 10,000 teachers from 2001-2005, scheduling and facilitating professional development throughout Los Angeles County, and coordinating Young Mathematicians Institutes. From 2005-2010, Cynthia moved to the Mathematics Department where she oversaw professional development with the UCLA Math Content Programs for Teachers.

Cynthia is a contributing author of Introduction to Algebra. She currently focuses energy on oversight of all marketing, contracts, sales and professional development of Introduction to Algebra and MathLinks programs.

Cynthia received her BS from the University of California, Irvine and her Multiple Subject Credential and Mathematics Supplemental Authorization from California State University, Los Angeles.

Email: cynthia@mathandteaching.org

Cary Matthews (Director)

Before working for the Center for Mathematics and Teaching, Cary worked for six years in the UCLA Mathematics Department. As Publications Manager for the Math Content Program for Teachers, Cary was responsible for oversight, support, and organization of the writing of the program’s math professional development courses for K-8 teachers as well as the California-adopted Introduction to Algebra program.

Following completion of her MBA, Cary worked for the EnCorps Teachers Program, developing and refining operating, HR, data analysis, and financial systems. Through a fellowship with Education Pioneers, Cary worked with College Track to utilize Salesforce.com to develop a reporting system to help determine the success and impact of the organization.

Cary graduated with a B.A. from Colorado College in Creative Writing, an MBA at the University of San Francisco, and a Masters in Nonprofit Administration, also at USF.

Email: cary@mathandteaching.org

Jennifer Moffett

Jennifer Moffett began her career in education as a middle grades mathematics teacher in
Yucaipa.  With a passion for mathematics and teaching, she is committed to helping teachers use strategies to make student learning achievable.  Following her years in the classroom, Jen went on to serve as a district math coach and further on to serve at the County level as a Curriculum Specialist.  She has provided professional development to teachers and parents on a variety of mathematical related ideas and concepts.  Following a move to Texas with her husband who works with the military, Jen now works as a consultant with many districts in California, helping teachers make mathematical concepts more visual, giving more students access to the curriculum. Jen also works as a consultant for the Center of Mathematics And Teaching (CMAT), developing resources for teachers and parents for their middle grade level CCSSM programs MathLinks. Her true specialty is working with teachers to design and scaffold instruction that reinforces/develops prior learning to support students with grade level mathematics content.

Ted Gamelin (Mathematician)

Ted Gamelin, professor emeritus in the UCLA Department of Mathematics, enjoyed a distinguished career as a research mathematician for over 40 years! He became involved in mathematics education in 1999, and served as faculty advisor to the California Mathematics Project and the UCLA Math Content Programs for Teachers (MCPT). CMAT’s mission to create first-class, high-quality mathematics materials for students is rooted in Ted’s inspiration and tenacity as advisor to MCPT.

He is a founding Director and served as Board member for four years and Chair for two years. Ted provides mathematics content expertise and editing support for CMAT materials. Ted earned his BS from Yale University in 1960 and Ph.D. in Mathematics, UC Berkeley in 1963.

Madeleine Jetter (Mathematician)

Madeleine Jetter graduated with a bachelor of arts in mathematics from Columbia University. She earned a PhD in Mathematics from UCLA in 2007 while participating in the NSF K-12 fellowship where she developed a love for K-12 education. She is now an Associate Professor of Mathematics at CSU San Bernardino, where she is actively involved in the mathematical preparation of preservice elementary and secondary teachers. She was the PI of Project DELTA (2010-2013), a CA Math Science Partnership and is Project Director of the US Department of Education i3 project TEEM (2015-2019). Madeleine enjoys helping students and teachers to know, do and teach mathematics at all levels.

Stephanie Salomone (Mathematician)

Dr. Stephanie Anne Salomone is the Associate Dean for Faculty in the Shiley School of Engineering and a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Portland. She also serves as the Director of the STEM Education and Outreach Center at UP and as the Faculty Athletic Representative. During her 2020-2021 academic year sabbatical, she worked for the Portland Metro STEM Partnership, one of 13 STEM Hubs in Oregon, focusing on creating equity- and student-identity-centered professional development for K-5 math teachers. She is an Associate Director of Project NExT, a national professional development and networking program of the MAA for new higher-education mathematics faculty. Dr. Salomone earned a BA in Mathematics at the University of Michigan, an MA in Mathematics at Boston College, and a Ph.D. in Mathematics at UCLA.

Branwen Schaub (Mathematician)

Dr. Branwen Schaub is a full-time faculty member in the Mathematics Department at Wenatchee Valley College. She received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from Oregon State University in 2021, with a research emphasis in undergraduate mathematics education. Her favorite class to teach is a 3-term series on mathematics methods for elementary educators. When she isn’t teaching or doing mathematics, you can find her outdoors either hiking, climbing, or skiing!

Silvia Llamas-Flores (English Language Expert)

Silvia Llamas-Flores began her education career as a high school mathematics teacher. Currently, Silvia is a faculty associate at Arizona State University and Chandler-Gilbert Community College where she teaches a variety of mathematics and bilingual education courses. Silvia was involved with the UCLA Mathematics Project where she co-directed the Mathematics/ELD Institutes. During that time, she co-developed and implemented curriculum and professional development programs aimed at increasing teacher knowledge and competence in the teaching of mathematics to English language learners. For the last 15 years, Silvia has been actively involved in working with pre-service and in-service teachers to provide equitable access to mathematics to underrepresented students. She earned a BS in Mathematics and MA in Education at UCLA, and PhD in Mathematics Education at Arizona State University.

Stacey Olson (Writer)

Stacey Olson is a middle school mathematics teacher in Aliso Viejo, CA. She has been working for Capistrano Unified School District for 12 years. During the transition to Common Core Standards, Stacey helped guide teachers’ understanding of the Mathematical Practices by writing curriculum and providing resources to help support colleagues in her district.

As a teacher, department chair and presenter of professional development, Stacey is able to use her experiences to write curriculum for CMAT.

Stacey earned a BA from San Diego State University, received a Mathematics Teaching Credential and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from California State University, Fullerton, and received a MA in Education from California State University, San Marcos.

Olivia Raff (Graphic Designer)

Ever since taking photography classes in high school, Olivia has pursued photography and graphic design as a creative outlet. She graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a B.S. in Human Development/Family Science and a minor in Psychology.