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Professional Development Overview


The Center for Mathematics and Teaching was founded by a small group of mathematics educators who worked together in the Mathematics Department at UCLA. We employ teacher-leaders with experience as mathematics teachers and PD providers in elementary through high school, though our expertise lies mainly in middle school. All of our teacher-leaders have also worked as one or more of the following: university lecturer; university mathematics project teacher-leader; district or site mathematics coach; mathematics textbook author; consultant. We will work with you to support your needs, no matter how big or small.






Title Description Grade Levels Length Options*
Mathematics Intervention Learn strategies to help students catch up.   This session will incorporate six principles of intervention from research as well as data-driven stories of success from the field. 5-9 ½ day or

1 full day

Engagement Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom Experience activities and routines that promote motivation for achievement for a wide range of learners. 4-10 ½ day or

1 full day

Supporting English Learners in the Mathematics Classroom Focus on strategies to help English learners increase language proficiency as they learn mathematics. Participants will experience activities that illustrate principles from research. 4-10 ½ day
Lesson Study


Create meaningful, systemic change through lesson collaboration including design, planning, and implementation. 4-10 1 ½ days per group

(per round)

Administrator PD Effectively observe, support, and evaluate mathematics instruction and learning in the classroom. All ½ day

(per round)

Instructional Aide PD


Support staff will deepen content knowledge, learn effective strategies for assisting struggling learners, and feel more connected to the professional community. All ½ day

(per round)

MathLinks Curriculum PD Make the most of your MathLinks curriculum with an introduction or refresher. 6-8 ½ day or full day increments


Customized PD


Ask us about helping you address your pressing needs. 4-10 ½ day or full day increments
*PD rates: $2500 per day or $1500 per half-day (plus expenses)

Please contact a CMAT teacher-leader to schedule PD.

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