At the Center for Mathematics and Teaching, we believe that all students have the ability and deserve the opportunity to learn the mathematics that will make them capable and confident problem solvers and put them on the pathway to college and career readiness.


Some guiding principles that we believe make our curriculum special are:
  • We aim to bring joy back to the classroom for both teachers and students as they explore mathematics. We see the social aspects of teaching and learning mathematics as critical.
  •  We include engaging opening problems that create a need to know and are accessible to a wide range of learners and learning styles in all our programs, and we often revisit the problems once students have learned more concepts and skills so they can explore further.
  • We put concept development at the forefront of lesson design. We believe that concept development, with hands-on approaches and visuals whenever appropriate, is critical to developing an understanding of mathematics.
  • We focus on the big ideas of mathematics to help students see that mathematics is a cohesive and coherent, sensemaking body of knowledge.
  • We recognize that the teacher is central to instruction. Our teacher editions offer support for different levels of content expertise and alternatives for different teaching styles. Teachers are supported with content-driven professional development by authors and teacher leaders and a responsive customer service team.