Carole Greenes, Ed.D. is Professor Emerita, Mathematics Education at Arizona State University. More About CaroleFor questions, contact theresa@mathandteaching
Carole's Gift to You

Carole Greenes and Tanner Wolfram have created puzzle books for you. We will post new ones bi-monthly. You may download and distribute for classroom use.

SMASH is a Jeopardy-like game for your class. We will post new boards bi-monthly in Caroles Corner. Here is SMASH Game 1 and SMASH Game 2, along with directions. Have fun!

Students of all ages will Shape Up their spatial skills as they partition equilateral polygons to produce specific shapes.

Carole's Creative Puzzles, Problems, and Tasks

Carole loves puzzles and problems! Here are a few for your students.

Calling it Right - Phone Math - Challenge students to create expressions using their phone number.

Find out why August 26 is National Toilet Paper Day. And..you can go to the moon with these problems.

Carole's Commentary

Dear Colleagues,

For many years, I have been interested in what makes the learning of math more accessible, interesting and entertaining to all students and adults. So, every Carole’s Commentary contains a reference to a well-known thinker, a book, a paper, a song, an art creation, a research study, or ?

This month I'm sharing a book written in 1909 by S.Y. Gilliam. This work has had a major influence on my thinking, research, and writing. Read more.

Great Ideas from the MathLink’s Team

After more than 5 years in development, MathLinks (2nd ed) is available to pilot and use NOW. One of its features is "Activity Routines" to engage students. This month we share "Math Talks" This routine helps students explore multple approaches to problems and communicate reasoning. Here are some notes and ppt slides to introduce the routine.

You will find more information about MathLinks (2nd edition) here.


Welcome to Carole’s Corner!

CMAT is honored that Carole Greenes is joining our CMAT team as a distinguished contributor. I personally met Carole when she wrote and directed the 50th anniversary musical celebration for NCSM. Her energy and spirit are contagious, and now Carole is part of the CMAT family.

We are so excited that Carole will be sharing some of her engaging puzzles, projects, tasks, and wisdom with all of us through Carole’s Corner. Every month, Carole will share her thoughts of the moment in Carole’s Corner. We also will post some of Carole’s activities, puzzles, tasks, and projects, with connections to MathLinks materials. Carole would like these selected materials (and solutions) to be free to you, so download, enjoy yourself, and use with your students!


Thank you, Carole,

Shelley Kriegler
President, Center for Mathematics and Teaching