Face to Face Options
For Middle Grades

MathLinks: Core
(2nd ed.)
Bring joy back to your classroom with new MathLinks; Grades 6-8 curriculum. Choose one more topics:
• An Introduction to the 2023 Edition
• Engage Students with Activity Routines
• The Power of Opening Problems
• Meaningful Assessment using Multiple Measures
• Differentiating for a Wide Range of Learners
• Hands-on Activities to Build Concepts and Improve Skills
Sessions are available for single or combined grade levels.
½ day or
1 full day
Learn proven strategies that help students catch up based on six research-based principles of intervention and data-driven stories of success.
½ day or
1 full day
Lesson Study
Create meaningful, systemic change through lesson collaboration including design, planning, and implementation.
1 ½ days per
(per round)
Administrator PD
Effectively observe, support, and evaluate mathematics instruction and learning in the classroom.
½ day
(per round)
Customized PD
Ask us about helping you address your pressing needs.
½ day or
1 full day
  • One hour of complimentary virtual PD is included with a new district/site purchase of MathLinks
  • Limited to 20 participants.
  • District/site will provide the training room and set up.
  • $2,000/half day (up to 3 hours) or $3,500/full day (up to 6 hours); not including travel
  • Prices valid through December 30, 2023.

Please contact Cynthia Raff (cynthia@mathandteaching.org) to schedule PD.