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MathLinks is a suite of math programs for students in grades 6-9, built from the ground up to align to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M).

  • Engaging lessons develop concepts with coherency, efficiency, and precision.
  • Students tackle complex problems and practice skills for review and fluency.
  • Students work in consumable packets, organized into manageable chunks of work.
  • Strategies for struggling learners and English learners are built into all programs.

Core, Comprehensive, Programs

These programs meet all CCSS-M Standards for the grade with lessons designed for all learners. Appropriate for Grades 6-8.

MathLinks: Grade 6
MathLinks: Grade 7
MathLinks: Grade 8

Intervention, Support, Supplemental Programs

These programs target the major work of middle school with lessons designed for struggling learners. Appropriate for Grades 6-9.

MathLinks: Essentials – Functions
MathLinks: Essentials – Proportional Reasoning
MathLinks: Essentials – Expressions and Equations
MathLinks: Essentials – Integers
MathLinks: Essentials – Fractions
MathLinks: Essentials – Number Base 10


Skill Boosters

This program of short exercise sets helps fill gaps in prior knowledge without losing ground on current work.   It is included online all MathLinks programs, and a printed version may be purchased separately.