Mr. Barry Perlstein – Chair (2011 – Present)

Mr. Barry Perlstein is an investor and entrepreneur with investments in education, entertainment and technology companies.  Barry is the former CEO of SDI Media, the leading translation company to the entertainment industry. During Barry’s tenure at SDI the company expanded into 30 countries and employed over 600 full-time staff and 3,000 freelancers. Barry brought in Warburg, Pincus, the private equity firm, to invest in the growth of SDI. Prior to SDI, Barry was a management consultant for McKinsey & Co where he advised financial services and media companies.

Barry graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and magna cum laude from Harvard Law School where he served on the Law Review. Barry has long been interested in education and has taught math and SAT preparation courses to high school students.

Dr. Shelley Kriegler (2007 to Present)

Dr. Shelley Kriegler was Director of the UCLA Math Content Programs for Teachers from 1999-2010, where she lead efforts to create and implement programs to increase the mathematics content knowledge for more than 10,000 teachers in California.  She taught mathematics in the Beverly Hills Unified School District for 19 years prior to coming to UCLA. She also served as a consultant to Creative Publications, an educational publishing company for five years. Shelley is President of the Stern Family Foundation, an organization that fulfills Christmas gift wishes for children of poverty, supports various Jewish organizations, and contributes to education, health, and arts programs in the community. Shelley brings a broad view of the CMAT goals, day-to-day management skills, and writing expertise to the Board.  She is currently President of CMAT.

Shelley earned all her degrees at UCLA:  BA (Magna Cum Laude) in Mathematics (1971), M.Ed. in Curriculum (1993), and Ed.D. in Teaching Studies (1995).

Dr. Susie Hakansson (2013 – Present)

Dr. Susie W. Håkansson is Immediate Past-President of TODOS: Mathematics for All, a national affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, whose mission is to advocate for equity and excellence in mathematics for all students, particularly Latina/o students. She taught high school mathematics, served as a faculty advisor for secondary pre-service students, was a program evaluator for state and national grants, was a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at UCLA, and has 30 years of experience providing professional development to PreK-16 teachers of mathematics. She was Executive Director of the California Mathematics Project and a CMP Regional Site Director prior to that, collaborating with others to design and implement institutes, workshop series, and school site programs for teachers, administrators, parents, and students, particularly programs that focus on providing access to high quality and rigorous mathematics for underserved students. She is a recipient of the TODOS 2013 Iris M. Carl Leadership and Equity Award, the California Mathematics Council 2009 Walter Denham Memorial Award, and the UCLA 2009 Robert Sorgenfrey Distinguished Teaching Award. In 2012, the California Mathematics Council Southern Section established the Susie Håkansson Award for fostering emerging leadership of math educators of color.

Dr. Ronni Ephraim (2017 – Present)

Dr. Ronni Ephraim recently retired from her work at USC at 2U (also known as 2tor) where she held positions of Executive Vice President of Curriculum and Faculty Relations, General Manager, and Chief Academic Officer.  Before that Ronni was a Superintendent of Los Angeles Unified School District 3 serving 63,000 students in grades Pre K-12. She served as Deputy Superintendent of Pre-K-12 Instruction and Professional Learning, Development, and Leadership of the Los Angeles Unified School District, where, she was responsible for the implementation of the district’s instructional initiatives and professional development. In 1999, Ronni began the instructional reforms in K-5 Literacy and Mathematics. She also served as an Elementary School Principal for 9 years and a Classroom Teacher for 11 years. Ms. Ephraim served on the State of California Reading First Task.

Dr. Virgil Jones (2023 – Present)

Dr. Virgil Jones is an entrepreneur. He has Fortune 500 training and success in sales and marketing. Dr. Jones (a college professor in three schools and bilingual in Spanish) has enjoyed the fruits of successful business ventures for nearly four decades. One such venture was a pioneering effort called the College Run Program in 2003. The College Run mentored and trained middle and high school students to become peer leaders and community volunteers as they visited colleges and universities throughout the United States in search of new and exciting career choices. Over the ten-year span, the College Run Program had a 90 percent success rate in getting more than two thousand low-income students prepared for and accepted into a four-year college of their choice. The College Run Alumni include lawyers, doctors, educators, professors, and public health professionals, to name a few. Finally, Dr. Jones recently reinstated his membership and participation in the Center for Nonprofit Management of Los Angeles in an effort to strengthen CMAT’s fundraising efforts.