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(using MathLinks not required)

Lesson Inquiry

  • Lesson Inquiry allows teachers to deepen their understanding of a lesson and its content, and to make adjustments based on their experiences with the curriculum.
  • A small group of teachers collaboratively plan the implementation of a lesson. One or two teachers teach the lesson as planned, while the remaining group observes the lesson in action. The group then debriefs the lesson and makes changes to the lesson based on data gathered and consensus of the group. The lesson is re-taught and observed in at least one more class, and the group holds a final debrief session and plans next steps.
  • This is an excellent ongoing growth opportunity for all teachers. Lesson Inquiry may be implemented any time. For MathLinks users, it can happen concurrently with year one PD, though many teachers might be better served starting Lesson Inquiry after the completion of one year of professional development.


Math and Technology

Our technology activities enhance CCSS-M middle school mathematics concepts. Some are performance-like tasks. All participants receive access to activities which utilize DESMOS, spreadsheets, and other accessible web-based resources. Using MathLinks is not required for participation, however, connections to MathLinks lessons will be made.


General Common Core Mathematics

We will customize a general Common Core overview for you and lead you in an exploration of CCSS-M in the context of doing mathematics and connecting to pedagogy. This can be tailored to teachers, administrators (what does CCSS-M look like in the classroom?), or others. Purchasing curriculum is not required.

CMAT employs only highly qualified trainers, including authors of our programs. We will do our best to accommodate your specific needs, including scheduling.

To arrange professional development, please contact Cynthia Raff (cynthia@mathandteaching.org).