A Strong Curriculum is Only as Good as Its Delivery

MathLIinks: Core Courses, Grades 6-8

We highly recommend at least five days of professional development for each grade for new users of our courses because many concepts are developed in non-traditional ways.


MathLIinks: Customized Intervention, Grades 6-9

Our Intervention programs are customized to work with your adopted curriculum. Professional Development is tailored exactly to the program we customize with you, so recommended numbers of days may vary from 2-5.


Distance Learning

While not a substitute for face-to-face learning, we can provide support while minimizing time commitments and expenses.

In a typical day of professional development, participants will:

  • Meeting-table-puzzleBuild Content Knowledge. Engage in adult level problem solving for in-depth exploration of topics in the programs.
  • Explore the program. Work through lessons that may be challenging to teach.
  • Refine pedagogy. Do all or some of the following:
    • Experience how Common Core “feels” in the classroom.
    • Review the grade level CCSS-M content standards.
    • Connect problems and lessons to the CCSS-M practice standards.
    • Understand how strategies such as effective questioning and cooperative learning can increase student engagement.
    • Analyze problems’ connections to Depth of Knowledge.
    • Benefit from collaboration with peers.
  • Network with colleagues. Discuss professional issues with colleagues and learn from each other.

CMAT employs only highly qualified trainers, including authors of our programs. We will do our best to accommodate your specific needs, including scheduling.

To arrange professional development, please contact Cynthia Raff (cynthia@mathandteaching.org).