The heart of your intervention program will be lessons (organized into consumable packets) that pre-teach skills and concepts students will study in their core course.  Many lessons emphasize concept development, beginning with an accessible low floor.  Features such as consistent language, vocabulary support, structured workspace, and use of visuals help English learners and others with special learning needs to succeed.

Example 1: Intervention Class for Integrated Mathematics 1. MathLinks Grade 8 was used to pre-teach skills for this 9th grade course in a large urban school district.  In this situation, students met for a second period, where they spent about half of their time on MathLinks work.

Example 2: Summer Bridge to High School. Using only Grad 8, Packets 3, 7, and 8, students increased their confidence and competence an intensive (24 hour) program prior to entering an Integrated Math 1 course in high school.

Example 3: Support Class for Grade 7. Selected packets from MathLinks Grade 6 and MathLinks Grade 7 were combined to support a 7th Grade core course. Students spent about half the time on MathLinks packets. A Skill Booster routine helped students fill gaps in prior knowledge.