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PR Math Background
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PR Assessment Information
PR Pre-Assessment (doc)
PR Pre-Assessment (pdf)
PR Pre-Assessment Answer Key
PR Post-Assessment (doc)
PR Post-Assessment (pdf)
PR Post-Assessment Answer Key
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Getting Started with Desmos and MathLinks
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Fraction Concept Booster Outline
Fraction Concept Booster Assessment 
Fraction Concept Booster Assessment Answer Key
Fraction Concept Booster Problems
Fraction Concept Booster Problems Answer Key
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Packet 3

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PR3 Student Packet
PR3 Student Packet Text File for Translation
PR3 Problem Bank (doc)
PR3 Problem Bank (pdf)
PR3 Problem Bank Answer Key

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PR3 Teacher Front Matter
PR3 Teacher Edition (with Answer Key)

Classroom Powerpoints
PR3.0 Twinkie, The Dog
PR3.1 Art Supplies
PR3.1 Properties of Proportions
PR3.2 Socks
PR3.3 A Bird House

Lesson Reproducibles
R6 Quarter-Inch Graph Paper
R7 Matching Activity: Nuts!

Technology Resources
R8 The Constant of Proportionality
R9 The Running Game
R10a-b Marcellus the Giant
R8 The Constant of Proportionality Answer Key
R9 The Running Game Answer Key
R10a-b Marcellus the Giant Answer Key

Parent Resources
PR3 Parent Letter

Professional Development Videos
PR3.1 About Proportions (Math Background)
PR3.2 Best Buy Problem (Teaching Tip)
PR3.3 Scale Drawings (Teaching Tip)

PR3 Quiz A (doc)
PR3 Quiz A (pdf)
PR3 Quiz B (doc)
PR3 Quiz B (pdf)
PR3 Quiz A Answer Key
PR3 Quiz B Answer Key