Center for Mathematics and Teaching is dedicated to igniting and nurturing passion in students and teachers about the elegance and utility of mathematics.

The CMAT Leadership Team began its work together in the Mathematics Department at UCLA in 1999, and officially incorporated in 2007, creating cognitively demanding and engaging materials that are accessible to all learners, and delivering content-driven professional development to teachers.

What's New?

MATHLINKS: 2nd Edition

Bring Joy Back to Your Classroom!

We are proud to announce that our new, updated MathLinks: Core Grades 6-8 is available to pilot and use in the 2023-2024 school year.  Learn more.


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The Center for Mathematics and Teaching supports mathematics education around the country.  Come visit us at an exhibit or hear us speak at a conference.

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What's Continuing?

MATHLINKS: Essentials

Help Students Catch Up!

MathLinks Essentials is a modular program that focuses on the major work of middle school.  Join the growing number of schools using this effective program for intervention, summer school, and special education to accelerate learning and prepare students for high school mathematics. Learn more.

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Recording of Catch up Webinar. (Click Here)

Recording of Catch up with MathLinks Part 2 Webinar. (Click Here)

Recording of INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: Connecting beginning algebra and proportional reasoning topics with multiple representations Webinar. (Click Here)

Recording of MAKING PROPORTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS MEANINGFUL: Furthering algebra and proportional reasoning connections with multiple representations Webinar. (Click Here)

Recording of AN INTRODUCTION TO FUNCTIONS: Leveraging multiple representations to transition from proportional reasoning and beginning algebra to a more formal function concept Webinar. (Click Here)

Recording of GEOMETRY(Click Here)



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