MathLinks: Core (2nd edition) Is Ready for You!

Grades 6, 7, and 8

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The Center for Mathematics and Teaching is offering pilots of MathLinks: Core (2nd ed.). Along with printed Student Packets, teachers will have access to online resources, which contain the Teacher Edition, answer keys, slide decks to guide instruction, assessments, and other unit resources. Professional development is included. If you are interested in piloting our Core materials, please complete the Pilot Request Form and email it to Cynthia Raff at

One-Unit Pilot: At no cost, a teacher may pilot one unit of MathLinks: Core. Consumable Student Packets for up to 40 students will be provided, and additional Student Packets may be purchased. Note: Choose one starred (*) unit below for this option.

One Semester / Full Year Pilot: For a fee, a teacher, school, or district may pilot the first semester (Units 1-5) in Fall 2023, the second semester (Units 6-10) in Winter/Spring 2024, or the entire program for one-full year for the 2023-2024 school year. A portion of the fees for extended pilots will be applied toward a future multi-year contract.

1 Statistics1 Probability1 Plane and Solid Figures
2 Factors and Multiples2 Percent and Scale2 Real Number and the Pythagorean Theorem
3 Ratio Representations3 Proportional Relationships3 The Algebra of Exponents and Roots
4 Division4 Rational Number Addition and Subtraction4 Introduction to Functions
5 Percents5 Rational Number Multiplication and Division5 Linear Functions
6 Expressions6 Expressions6 Bivariate Data
7 Inputs and Outputs7 Equations and Inequalities7 Linear Equations and Systems 1
8 Solving Equations8 Plane and Solid Figures8 Linear Equations and Systems 2
9 Area and Volume9 Length, Area, & Volume9 Congruence
10 The Number Line and the Coordinate Plane10 Sampling10 Similarity