MathLinks Essentials is a modular program that focuses on the major topics of middle school mathematics. Its primary goal is to make content accessible to struggling learners. The program incorporates research-based strategies proven to help all students succeed in mathematics, including students in need of intervention, English learners, and special learners.

Some appropriate uses of MathLinks Essentials:

  • Intervention courses
  • Special education
  • Supplemental modules in core classes
  • Summer programs
  • High school or college review courses

Lessons address conceptual development, problem solving, and skills practice in these areas:

  • Ratios and proportional relationships
  • Integer concepts and operations
  • Expressions and equations
  • Linear functions
  • Fractions

Each module includes three packets, and each packet generally takes 2-3 weeks to complete. Program features include:

  • consumable student packets
  • engaging problems with classroom power points to guide implementation
  • strong conceptual development of math ideas
  • group and individual practice activities
  • skill booster routines to fill in gaps in prior knowledge
  • meaningful technology activities
  • assessments
  • print and video support for teachers
  • answer keys
  • secure teacher portal for easy access to all resources
  • parent support documents