What people are saying:

“I am seeing amazing results in areas that I have never succeeded in getting even half the class to master! It's like you found some magic recipe.”

8th grade teacher using Introduction to Algebra

Welcome to CMAT

We provide (1) instructional Materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSS-M), and (2) professional development for teachers.   

Some of our programs include:

The Center for Mathematics and Teaching (CMAT) is dedicated to advancing students to achieve mathematical literacy from middle school through beginning algebra.

CMAT aims to accomplish this goal by increasing the confidence and competence in the learning and teaching of mathematics with cognitively demanding student curricula and content-driven teacher training designed by educators.


Our Partners:

UCLA Department of Mathematics | Philip C. Curtis Center | Math Content Programs for Teachers 
California Mathematics Project | Color, Print, Graphics | Public Works, Inc.


Center for Mathematics and Teaching, Inc (CMAT) is a non-profit corporation, registered as 501(c)3 charity.