Carole Greenes, Ed.D. is Professor Emerita, Mathematics Education at Arizona State University. More About CaroleCarole's Creative Puzzles, Problems, and Tasks

Math is everywhere. Check out this fun Supermarket Math problems.

It's March Madness time! Check out this fun March Mathness problem.

April First is National Cent Day. Check out April Makes Cents problems.

Carole's Commentary

For many years, I have been interested in what makes the learning of math more accessible, interesting and entertaining to all students and adults. So, every Carole’s Commentary will contain a reference to a well-known thinker, a book, a paper, a song, an art creation, a research study, or ... READ MORE

Carole's Connections to MathLinks

Defend Your Opinion is an algebra puzzle that uses balance scales to set up thinking for equation solving. As an added twist, the solver must decide if statements about the puzzle by students are true or false and explain their reasoning. This puzzle stands alone or makes a nice enhancement to Expressions and Equations 1 from MathLinks Essentials.

Carole's Gift to You

Alge-Grid: What's the a? By Carole Greenes and Tanner Wolfram

Alge-Grid puzzles are designed to enhance solvers’ algebraic reasoning talents. Download Carole’s latest book of 54 puzzles for FREE. Accessible, challenging, and fun! Answers included. Appropriate for grades 6 and up.

Great Ideas from the MathLinks Team

Picture Talks are short activities for discussion. They are designed to elicit multiple strategies and provide opportunities to reason about relationships. For Grades 5 and up.

Carole's CUDI (Can You Do It?) Challenge

Hey Puzzle Lovers! Here's another CUDI #2 puzzle that will tap into your logical reasoning talents and your recognition of different types of numbers. Once you start, you most likely won’t want to stop! And, if you like this puzzle, we invite you to take the CUDI Challenge and create one for publication in a CUDI online book.




Welcome to Carole’s Corner!

CMAT is honored that Carole Greenes is joining our CMAT team as a distinguished contributor. I personally met Carole when she wrote and directed the 50th anniversary musical celebration for NCSM. Her energy and spirit are contagious, and now Carole is part of the CMAT family.

We are so excited that Carole will be sharing some of her engaging puzzles, projects, tasks, and wisdom with all of us through Carole’s Corner. Every month, Carole will share her thoughts of the moment in Carole’s Corner. We also will post some of Carole’s activities, puzzles, tasks, and projects, with connections to MathLinks materials. Carole would like these selected materials (and solutions) to be free to you, so download, enjoy yourself, and use with your students!


Thank you, Carole,

Shelley Kriegler
President, Center for Mathematics and Teaching