Before working for the Center for Mathematics and Teaching, Mrs. Lee worked for 11 years in the UCLA Mathematics Department as a Program Specialist. Her work included organizing the Math Content Program for Teachers, working on Mathematics Professional Development Institutes (including LUCIMATH), and providing administrative support for California Math Partnership grants.

Theresa taught elementary school for several years in the Santa Monica/Malibu Unified School district, and served as a teacher liaison with the Santa Monica City Child Care, Recreation, Enrichment, Sports, Together (CREST) program where she worked with small groups of elementary students struggling in mathematics.

Theresa assisted in the development of Introduction to Algebra program, and co-authored “Who Should Take Algebra in 8th Grade? Using Standardized Data to Guide Placement Policies” (2008). She has spoken at numerous conferences statewide.

Theresa earned her BS in Psychological Biology from UCLA, and a Masters in Elementary Education and elementary teaching credential from Mount Saint Mary’s College.